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By hiring a Certified Executive Search Consultant, you benefit from our vast and qualified experience from executive recruitments.

Why hire Besi- Chefsrekrytering?

Tomas Blomster is one of twenty five certified Executive Search Consultants in Sweden. By hiring a Certified Executive Search Consultant, you benefit from our vast and qualified experience from executive recruitments. All ESK members have been assessed based on interviews and references and have attending an ethics course. A certified Executive Search Consultant has the expertise to conduct an executive search process that meets all the demands for high quality, ethical practices and expertise throughout the process.

Modern tools

Besi- Chefsrekrytering supports its consultants’ expertise with the most modern tools available. This ensures faster processes and satisfied clients.


The agency’s most important value. Tomas Blomster has been responsible for customer service and customer satisfaction in such companies as Nordnet and IF Skadeförsäkring and understands the importance of 100% customer satisfaction. “A satisfied customer always returns.”


The agency prioritizes sustainability through social initiatives like Unionen agreements for staff welfare, environmental efforts with electric cars and carbon offsets, and financial strategies such as Sustainable Responsible Investment (SRI) to maximize positive global impact.

Certified Executive Search Consultant

Besi- Chefsrekrytering provides professional interim consultants at management level. These consultants come from diverse backgrounds and all have demonstrated that they can quickly make a difference.

Hundreds of recruitments

With many years of experience in the recruitment industry, we have honed our skillset and our understanding of client needs.


With access to other consultants, all prominent in their fields, BESI can offer clients a wide range of services.

Extensive Network

As one of Sweden’s leading recruitment consultants, Tomas Blomster has a wide-ranging network of qualified Executives.

Modern tools

Besi uses modern tools to enhance the impact of our expertise and experience. This ensures faster processes and satisfied clients.

Reviews from our clients & candidates

Gender equality and recruitments

The recruitment industry has a powerful role in achieving gender equality. At Besi- Chefsrekrytering, 100% transparency is a key concept, and we are cognisant of gender equality issues, inclusive leadership and norm-critical approaches. Over time, we have seen that significantly more men than women would consider changing jobs and taking part in a recruitment process. On the other hand, there is less difference in the process’s final stage in how many men and women are hired in our processes.


Proposed candidates

Hired candidates

Sustainable recruitment and 100% satisfied customers

The recruitment industry has a position of power in the work with gender equality. At Besi-Chiefsrekrytering, we work 100% transparently and have knowledge of gender equality, inclusive leadership and norm-critical thinking.

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