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Besi is a modern, committed and sustainable partner for organisations wanting to recruit key individuals to executive positions in Sweden. The company has extensive experience from working with upper management and recruiting executives, managers and specialists both in multi-billion kronor corporations and in smaller entrepreneur-owned companies.
We work in northern Sweden with a focus on Skellefteå, Boden, Luleå, Piteå, Umeå, Gällivare and Kiruna. 


Recruiting executives in the private and public sectors


Executive recruitment is one of the most critical processes for an organisation. Finding the right person for an executive position can be challenging. With the right recruitment agency at your side, you can be certain that your organisation will find the executive vital for your organisation’s growth and development. 


Our agency specialises in executive recruitment and has a deep understanding of the special requirements for working in this role. We search for candidates with experience, expertise and leadership qualities that fit your organisation’s needs and culture.


Certified Executive Search Consultants


We are certified as Executive Search consultants by the industry association ESK, whose mission is to ensure ethical practices and expertise within executive recruitment. This stamp of quality for an Executive Search consultant is meant to give confidence to both clients and candidates. By hiring an ESK consultant, you know that the person has the expertise required to drive a recruitment process forward and meets all the requirements for high quality, ethical practices and expertise.

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Our promises

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Modern tools

Besi supports its consultants’ expertise with the most modern tools available. This ensures faster processes and satisfied clients.

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A good recruiter goes the extra mile in every recruitment. A committed recruiter makes it is easier to find the right expertise and the right personality. This is about more than just better collaboration between you and the consultant. The candidates are also influenced by the recruiter’s commitment. At Besi, commitment is one of our most important values with 100% client satisfaction.

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The 2030 Agenda is a plan to make the world more sustainable. Sustainability has three parts: economic sustainability, social sustainability and environmental sustainability. The plan aims to make life more equal and better for people today and in the future. Besi is certified in this area by leading human rights lawyer Parul Sharma.
Naturally, there are differences between every recruitment companies.
By hiring a company like Besi, you ensure a lower climate impact in your recruitment process.

Our Services

Our main services include Executive Search, Interim Management and Potential, but we can also help with Silent Search, Consultation and Advert Recruitment. You can read more about this under Other Services.

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Executive Search

As certified Executive Search consultants, we can guarantee experience and extensive knowledge of private and public organisations combined with the ability to analyse the expertise and personalities of candidates. With Besi- Chefsrekrytering, you benefit from a long-term and sustainable recruitment partner. 

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Interim Management

We hire interim managers within all industries and levels. Over the many years we have worked with executive searchers, we have built a wide-ranging network of individuals with different backgrounds, knowledge and expertise. We are eager to help you quickly find the right interim manager and executive.

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Second Opinion

We offer a competent and impartial candidate assessments when you take care of your recruitment. This can be the case for external candidates, but we are also often involved when companies want to conduct internal recruitment and need an objective opinion from Besi Second Opinion.

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Gender equality and recruitments 2023

The recruitment industry has a powerful role in achieving gender equality. At Besi- Chefsrekrytering, 100% transparency is a key concept, and we are cognisant of gender equality issues, inclusive leadership and norm-critical approaches. Over time, we have seen that significantly more men than women would consider changing jobs and taking part in a recruitment process. On the other hand, there is less difference in the process’s final stage in how many men and women are hired in our processes.


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