Second Opinion

Besi- Chefsrekrytering ensure the quality of your internal and external recruitment.

Second Opinion

Is your company looking for additional security and quality in recruitment process?

In addition to our regular recruitment services, we also offer competent and impartial candidate assessments when you take care of your own recruitment. This can be the case for external candidates, but we are also often involved when companies want to conduct internal recruitment and need an objective opinion from Besi Second Opinion.

Tomas Blomster has extensive experience with personal assessments and is certified in the use of several international tools for assessing candidates.

This can involve everything from studying what additional skills a manager may need to improving the decision-making ability of the management group. An objective expert opinion on current leadership issues or a second opinion on a potential candidate to confirm your choice may be needed. This can also involve supporting your company in an onboarding process for a newly recruited manager or specialist.

We raise the bar on development

Assessments from Besi provide confirmation that the candidate demonstrates the required behaviour and capacity. Assessments can be used in two ways: to help existing staff develop and to recruit new staff. A more detailed assessment of an individual reveals more about the candidate’s behaviour in work-related situations. This information allows you to significantly reduce the risk of a problematic recruitment. It also contributes to understanding the candidate’s motivations and what drives them. The analysis provides information on the person’s strengths and areas in need of improvement and understanding of the situations the candidate will excel in and those the candidate will find challenging. The analysis also serves as information for future coaching and development.

Every industry is constantly developing. To be ready to face future challenges, your company needs to assess what you currently have but also identify what you will need in the future. The gap between these two is the measurement of the changes you need to implement for the organisation to be able to develop.

Second Opinion from Besi- Chefsrekrytering

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Candidate interview

Analysis & reporting

Quality-assured assessment tools

Besi- Chefsrekrytering uses quality assured assessment tools to measure the specialist’s and the executive’s personal characteristics and capacity and to conduct skills-based, in-depth interviews with professional assessment and validation of the measurement results. The agency’s Certified Executive Search Consultants are highly skilled in assessing individuals as executives and specialists and are certified with several assessment tools.

At Besi- Chefsrekrytering, we believe that leadership is the key to an organisation’s success. Good leadership that adapts to staff and the situation makes a huge difference and often results in more committed staff who want to excel. At Besi, our recruitment consultants have personal experience as executives and an abundance of practical insights into leadership and coaching.

Our assessment tools


Assessio is an international qualitative, well-established assessment tool like MAP and Matrigma, where future potential is assessed and skills-based recruiting is used. To stop discrimination on the job market, we need to begin using independent science-based tools and making decisions based on objective data instead of our gut feelings. An assessment tool like Assessio evaluates a candidate’s potential and increases the quality of the recruitment process while reducing bias, increasing efficiency and providing more data.

Assessment Engine

Assessment Engine provides accurate, cost-effective and clear information on the individual’s performance and behaviour on the job. For Besi, Assessment Engine was an obvious choice with its modern approach and having evolved out of Swedish research by renown researchers in psychometry: Dr Sofia Sjöberg, PhD in psychology, and Dr Anders Sjöberg, a professor at Stockholm University with a focus on methods for selecting personnel.

“The tool creates standardised assessments of individual characteristics like personality and cognitive ability in a valid, reliable and effective way. Everything we do is grounded in solid research and scientific best practices.”

- Quote Anders Sjöberg

“It is wonderful to be able to deliver two prominent assessment tools to our clients. Assessio, which clearly assesses potential, and Assessment Engine, where human error and subjective interpretations of the results can be eliminated. This means decisions can be more reliable, both today and in the future.”

- Quote Tomas Blomster

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