Other Services

In addition to Executive Search, Interim Management and Second Opinion, we also offer several other services within recruitment. Contact us for more information.

Silent Search

A growing business area where more and more companies are choosing to search for the right skills for a specific position without the market and the company knowing that a search process is taking place. Our vast experience and complete discretion allow us to deliver silent searches.


As a Certified Executive Search Consultant, coach, knowledgeable about collective agreements, experienced change consultant and certified with several personal psychology tools, Tomas Blomster can provide advice on an ongoing basis.

Advert recruitment

Recruiting the right person to the right place is important for every organisation. In some cases, advert recruitment can be preferable for financial reasons. This involves putting your best face forward and quickly reaching a large audience. Advert recruitments are best for positions below executive level and state and public sector positions.

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