Interim Management

Over the many years we have worked with executive searches, we have built a wide-ranging network of individuals with different backgrounds, knowledge and expertise

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Interim Management

We hire interim managers within all industries and at every level. Over the many years we have worked with executive searches, we have built a wide-ranging network of individuals with different backgrounds, knowledge and expertise. We are happy to help you quickly find the right interim manager and executive.

The job market in northern Sweden is changing rapidly. Companies are facing many adjustments, new rules and a job market where it can be difficult to attract new staff. In general, the job market has shifted toward more flexible forms of employment, which means more freelancers, project employment and substitutes but also an increased demand for interim consultants. For many companies, this new flexibility on the job market has made recruiting more difficult, and it requires more resources to recruit and retain staff.

Besi is convinced that innovative approaches are needed that challenge the traditional processes and ways of working. To this end, a company can use a business model that combines permanent employment and interim consultants to great effect. This is largely because the expertise of our senior interim consultants can quickly ease the workload on permanent staff and create results.

Hiring an interim consultant means that this staff member works on a temporary contract via Besi. Your company gains the resource to help your organisation with specific tasks for a shorter or longer period of time. When you hire an interim consultant, the individual can have multiple parallel assignments or one at a time. The interim consultant can be physically located at your offices or work remotely. In concrete terms, you are leasing a specific resource from Besi, allowing you to avoid a long recruitment process.

Executive Search is a structured method for executive recruitment. Ensuring high quality recruitments of executives requires extensive insight into private and public organisations combined with the ability to analyse the expertise and personalities of candidates.

Advantages with an interim consultant

Besi provides access to professional interim consultants at management level who have a variety of backgrounds,
and all have demonstrated that they can quickly make a difference.

Avoid an extensive recruitment process.

Flexible format. Besi helps customise a solution for you.

Expertise. Senior executives with vast experience.

Effective. They come to the company to complete a concrete assignment.

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As Certified Executive Search Consultants, you benefit from our extensive experience of
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that meets every requirement for high quality, ethical practices and expertise throughout
the process.

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