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By hiring a Certified Executive Search Consultant, you benefit from our extensive and qualified experience from executive recruitments.

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Recruiting managers and specialists

Executive Search is a structured method for executive recruitment. Ensuring high quality recruitments of executives requires extensive insight into private and public organisations combined with the ability to analyse the expertise and personalities of candidates.

In our Executive searches, we recruit managers and specialists to unique permanent positions. Our clients range from start-ups to listed companies and public sector organisations. The common denominator is that they are looking for leading expertise that can develop together with their organisation.


Tomas Blomster is one of thirty certified Executive Search Consultants in Sweden. By hiring a Certified Executive Search Consultant, you benefit from our extensive and qualified experience from executive recruitments. All ESK members have been assessed based on interviews and references and have attending an ethics course. A certified Executive Search Consultant has the expertise to conduct an executive search process that meets all the demands for high quality, ethical practices and expertise throughout the process. 

100% Match

Besi- Chefsrekrytering also recruits for specialist positions using the Executive Search methodology. Executive Search is an artisanal skill where Besi proactively identifies, attracts and recruits the right expertise to your organisation. Besis extensive networks, methodologies and experience of executive recruitment in northern Sweden always ensures your company has access to the best available expertise on the market. We also focus heavily on the personality and leadership style of a candidate to attain a 100% match in every aspect. We believe that a successful Executive Search requires close dialogue, transparency and a mutual trust among all the parties involved in the process.

The Executive Search Process

Analyses & Consultation

Working with the client, the Executive Search consultant formulates a job description and requirements for the relevant position.

The Search

The ESK consultant defines the search categories (industries and positions) and approaches possible candidates with a presentation of the relevant assignment.


A number of candidates are selected, interviewed and assessed to ensure they have the required skills and expertise and that both parties have the same expectations.


The ESK consultant selects and presents the most appropriate candidates based on the defined specifications.


After a candidate has been chosen and begun the position, the ESK consultant follows up with both the client and the chosen candidate.

Besi - certified by ESK

  • Since 1988, ESK has been the national organisation for certified executive search consultants.

  • ESK stands for ethical behaviour, quality and expertise within executive search and is Sweden’s only industry organisation for certification within the Executive Search field.

  • Certification means that the members have been assessed by ESK’s independent ethics council and been judged to have a high level of expertise and appropriateness for the assignment.

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