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The team behind Besi

The agency’s consultants and their collective expertise are the bedrock of Besi- Chefsrekrytering.

Tomas Blomster

Ägare & Auktoriserad Executive Search Konsult


Mobil: 076-636 57 60

E-post: tomas.blomster@besi.se

Jennica Berglund

Ekonomi & Search



Mobil: 072-223 83 10

E-post: jennica.berglund@besi.se

Hanna Blomster

Ägare & Marknad



Mobil: 070-305 36 20

E-post: hanna.blomster@besi.se

Rolf Fahlman

Senior Advisor



Mobil: 070-571 69 90

E-post: rf@mfkab.se